Transnational Cinema & Online Culture

                                                   Useful Links

The following links have been mentioned throughout the course of this web page.  The links provide useful insights into online film culture and Transnational film-making.




 VIMEO – This website is similar to YouTube in the sense that it allows you to upload home video’s and view clips from around the world.



 INDEPENDENT LENS – Online Film Festival allows users to upload their short films and distribute them.



FILM MOVEMENTSimilar to Amazon Marketplace, allows the purchase of foreign and independent Award Winning films from prestigious festivals such as Cannes.



 GUARDIAN ARTICLE - The above link is an article on director's on foreign locations and the benefits and constraints that occur when filming outside of the film-maker's comfort zone.

[ABOVE: Poster of The Orphanage.  The film was a success in both US and foreign markets, and awarded at the Chicago Film Festival, Goya Awards and Gerardmer Film Festival.]