Transnational Cinema & Online Culture

                                              Introduction & Thesis

The World Wide Web is a synonym of the Internet.  The word ‘World’ illustrates that the internet is a global tool.  The internet has the ability to connect people, cross cultures and can merge nations giving a voice to several individuals.  It can allow the subaltern to speak, and others to express themselves.  In the present day; advancements in technology has meant that we can access Film online through various modes such as streaming, downloading and purchasing via designated retailers like Amazon Marketplace and Film Movement.  Some of these channels are illegal and legal, but for the purpose of the question, we must rule out the negative side of piracy, and establish how downloadable films are creating a culture of transnationality as well as a global communication tool.  Setting aside the Internet and looking at the notion of transnationality alone; can anything be called national anymore?  Even now, mainstream Hollywood; probably the most conventional and obvious national cinema is adopting a guise suggesting at its core – its transnational.   With multiple filming locations, multicultural casts and crew and foreign markets, can we challenge the idea of national cinema?

This webpage aims to establish the notion of transnationality and how cinema and the motion picture industry can now be defined under this category.  Furthermore, other links on this page determine how the Internet and online culture has created transnational relationships and the importance of the Internet as a communication tool.  Lastly, there will an examination of mainstream Film Awards, and how they, year by year, are expanding the concept of transnationality.  Interesting links around this website are vital in understanding and exploring online culture and transnationality.

[Picture: The Constant Gardener (2005): The British/African contingent ]